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VIetnam is a exotic and compelling country with everything

from gigantic cities to hill tribes villages to beautiful beaches and nature. It's a interesting country with a lot to explore and a popular way to truly explore it is by motorbike.

Quick facts:

Capital: Hanoi with 7.7 million people

Population: 95 million people 

Language: Vietnamese

Currency: Vietnamese Dong

Best time to visit: Vietnam is over 1000km in length which means deciding

when the best time to go can be tricky. Vietnam is a all year around destination but spring (February-April) and autumn (August-October) is considered the best

time to visit, the temperatures are moderate and the rainfall lighter.



Fun Facts

There are more than 45 million motorbikes in Vietnam which means half of the population owns one.

Sad but true more than 3 million people were killed during the

Vietnamese War which is one of the world longest conflicts. In Vietnam the war is known as the American War.


In Vietnam you'll also find the world largest cave, Hang Son Doong

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My name is Sophie, originally from Sweden but I grew up in Hong Kong with my family. 

Now I want to share my story with you and help you to do the same. Let's explore

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