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Svarta Bergen

During these strange times we can't travel like we usually do but it's also a great time to explore whats close to you. I've realised that there is a lot of things to do that I never known about before.


Entrance: 50kr Tuesday - Sunday, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. because the loop goes through an open air museum.

Duration: 8km long

Time: about 2-3 hours with stops

Todays little excursion went to Svarta Bergen (the Black Mountains) located in the north of Skåne. It's a 8km walking loop that takes you to historical sites such as one of the longest diabase quarry in the world. The loop also takes you through beautiful forest and along Hjärtasjön where you have a beautiful lake view.

It's an easy and beautiful walk and there is a few places where you can have a break and picnic.

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