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Stuck in paradise

Updated: May 24

I never thought I would say that I would be stuck on a paradise island in Malaysia. It started out as a joke but fast became reality, the island is officially closed which means no more people are allowed to enter the island for at least another two weeks.

It might seem like a dream to many people, to be stuck on a paradise island, and yes for a few days it’s amazing. But in the long run it’s not, every day I get more and more bored and scared to not be able to leave. Restaurants are not allowed to be open and we have to order in the back and take it take away. Police is walking the beach to make sure everting is closed and that people don’t stay in big groups. There is less and less people and it feels like you’re on an episode of survivor.

My paradise has become a prison.


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My name is Sophie, originally from Sweden but I grew up in Hong Kong with my family. 

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