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Rent a car in Iceland

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Iceland known for its dramatic landscapes with volcanoes and glaciers had for a long time been high on my bucket list and finally it was time to discover it during a 14 day road trip around the country.

Rent a car:

The best way to get around Iceland id by renting a car since there are no trains and very few busses, it's possible to hitchhike but it can take a long time to get where you want to go. There are a lot of companies such as Herz, Blue Car rental and Avis.

We rented a Ducia Duster through Geysir, they were super helpful and it was super convenient to pick up the car at Keflavik Airport.

Tips before renting a car:

  • Rent the car in advance to get a better price

  • Choose a good insurance, Iceland is known for rough weather conditions such as ice, ash and also have a lot of gravel roads. Better to be prepared with a good insurance to avoid high costs for damages on the car.

  • Keep the speed limits usually 90km/h outside localities, speeding tickets are expensive.

  • Fill up your tank when you can, sometimes gas stations are very far apart.'

  • Does your car have mileage limits? It can be very inconvenient if you want to cover a lot of ground.

  • Be prepared for quick weather changes while driving!

  • Depending on where you're planning to go in Iceland consider a 4x4 wheel car, it will be very useful if your planning on a longer trip and if you want to use the F-roads.

Check out road.is website or Veður App for more information about the weather and road conditions.

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