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Here's to five years

Once again I'm at the airport, a 15 hour lay over before heading to a new adventure and I just realised that it's exactly 5 year since I started travelling. Five years of amazing adventures, people and places.

When I started my trip I could never imagine that I would still be travelling five years later, my plan was always to be away for a couple of months and figure out my life. Going back to the ''box'' in Sweden, get a degree, find a boyfriend and get a house, a job and all those tings that society wants you to do. Here I am five years later, maybe more confused what to do with my life but also stronger and more confident than I've ever been.

It hasn't always been easy and there have been many ups and downs, times when you have questioned yourself. Leaving all social security, friends and family isn't easy but at the same time I wouldn't change a thing, in return I've become who I am today, met amazing people and done things I couldn't even dream of doing five years ago.

Thanks to everyone I've met on the road and for the memories we share, I'm grateful and excited to see what the future has in store for me. Cheers to five unforgettable years!

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My name is Sophie, originally from Sweden but I grew up in Hong Kong with my family. 

Now I want to share my story with you and help you to do the same. Let's explore

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