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A country in Lockdown

Updated: May 24

During the past weeks I've been in paradise, a white sandy beach, crystal clear water and amazing people around me. I have to admit I've been living in a bubble and I didn't realise how things where outside the island.

Yesterday I left the island together with 8 other people, with the same goal, to get home to Europe. Getting back to mainland I realised how serious things actually were, almost all busses back to Kuala Lumpur were cancelled and shops and restaurants were closed.

The 500km back to Kuala Lumpur was like out of a movie, ghost towns, almost empty roads with only police and military road blocks. After a nine hour long bus journey to Kuala Lumpur we arrived at an almost empty Bus Terminal, stocked up on some snacks and noodles before getting a Grab Taxi.

Since Malaysia is under complete lockdown you're not allowed to stay in hotels, hostels or in Airbnbs which made the whole situation a lot harder. Luckily we found an amazing woman that rented out her apartment to us for a few days.

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My name is Sophie, originally from Sweden but I grew up in Hong Kong with my family. 

Now I want to share my story with you and help you to do the same. Let's explore

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