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Fun Facts


Italy is located in the south-central part of Europe and is home to some of the most varied and scenic landscapes in the world with the Alps in the north and the Mediterranean coastline in the south. It's a country to fall in love with and it's the perfect destination to make a

road trip to explore as much as possible. My favourite

has been the beautiful Dolomites in the north of Italy. 

Quick facts:

Capital: Rome with 2.9 million people

Population: 62 million

Language: Italian but also german and french

Currency: Euro

Best time to visit: April to June or September to October, then the weather is nice, fewer tourists and also lower prices. The summer months can be very hot, expensive and crowded.


Italy is the fifth most populated country in Europe but it's only the 10th biggest country when it comes to land area.

Italy is also home to 50 UNESCO World Heritage sites among them you have Colosseum, the leaning tower of Pisa, Pompei, Dolomites and Venice.


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