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Indonesia is a southeast Asian country and is the worlds largest archipelago with over 17.000 islands. The nation is famous for its volcanoes, beaches and jungle which also has a rich wildlife. The country is rich in natural resources but a big part of the population still lives in poverty. It’s a fascinating country and has some of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen and some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met. 


Quick Facts:

Capital: Jakarta

Population: 267 million people

Language: Indonesian

(there is over 700 languages spoken)

Currency: Indonesian Rupiah

Best time to visit: The weather in Indonesia can

be split in two seasons, wet and dry. The dry season

is between May to September and wet season is between October and April. Temperatures are around 30 degrees all year around. The wet season is not too bad and is less crowded.

Fun facts: 

The Komodo dragon can be found in Indonesia and it’s the largest lizard in the world. 


You can also find the worlds largest flower Rafflesia Arnoldi in Indonesia and it weighs up to 7kg.


Former president Suharto was according to the 2004 Global corruption report the most gossipy leader of all times. Embezzling between 15-35 billion USD.

In Canggu, Bali
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