Hawaiʻi is a state in the United States of America, it's entirely composed of islands and is located in the Pacific Ocean. The Hawaiian archipelago consists of 137 islands but only seven of them are inhabited. 

The islands of Hawaii is formed by under-sea volcanoes that erupted thousands of years ago. Hawaii is today known as a tropical paradise with stunning nature, waterfalls, volcanoes, jungles and beautiful beaches. 

Quick facts:

Capital City: Honolulu

Population: 1.5 million people

Language: English and Hawaiian

Currency: U.S Dollars

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Fun Facts

Surfing was invented in Hawaii

The word ‘Hawaii’  means “Place of the Gods” or “Homeland” and comes from the Proto-Polynesian “hawaiki”.

There are only 13 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet.

Kilauea volcano is the world's most active and largest volcano.

The big island of Hawaii is the worldwide leader in harvesting macadamia nuts and orchids.

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