Argentina is located in the southern part of South America and is the second largest country in South America after Brazil. Argentina boarders to Chile in the west with the Andes Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean in the east. 

Argentina is a diverse country and is super rich in animal species and there you can also explore the Andes, the Pampas and the hiking paradise Patagonia.

Quick facts:

Capital: Buenos Aires with 2.9 million people

Population: 44.3 million people

Language: Spanish

Currency: Peso (ARS)

Best time to visit: Spring is considered between October to December and fall between April to June, this is a good time to avoid tourists crowds and over prices.


  • Buenos Aires

  • El Chalten

Fun Facts

Argentina is the fifth largest wine producer in the world and the Malbec grape is the most popular one.

Tango is born in the lower class districts in Buenos Aires.

El Chalten
Buenos Aires
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