Did you know that Africa is the second-largest and second-most populous continent in the world. Africa is home to 1.3 billion people which is about 16% of the worlds humans population.

Africa is a fascinating continent and has a lot to explore and discover, it's widely accepted for being the origin of humans and evidence shows the earliest hominids dated back to 7 million years ago. Africa hosts a large diversity of ethnicities, cultures and languages. During late 19th century European countries colonised almost all of Africa except from Ethiopia and Liberia.

The smallest country in Africa is the Seychelles which is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean. It's also home to the longest river in the world, The Nile which goes through Egypt. You can also find Kilimanjaro, The Sahara desert and the Victoria Falls in Africa.


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My name is Sophie, originally from Sweden but I grew up in Hong Kong with my family. 

Now I want to share my story with you and help you to do the same. Let's explore

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